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The Nonprof-IT Factor Paperback

The Nonprof-IT Factor Paperback

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Regardless of your mission, starting a nonprofit organization is one of the single most impactful ways to facilitate change in your community, help the under served and disenfranchised, and use consumer dollars to uplift the world. While a noble one, this journey is not for the faint of heart. You must understand that growing a nonprofit requires a different level of entrepreneurial vigor.

With this book, I hope to help you build an effective organization that fulfills the desires of your heart. Nonprofit founders are a special class of entrepreneurs. You lead with your heart and are often paid in passion. Your charitable ventures are founded in purpose and change lives. It is critical that your organization be formed correctly and that you have the tools you need to impact your community and the world.

Are you ready to unveil your nonprof-IT factor?


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