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Where are you on your mission to millions? Whether you're just starting your business, getting back on track or completely beginning again, Dr. Shantell Chambliss helps you navigate your mission with humor, honesty and experience. Join her every Thursday for a fresh episode and remember to always stay on your mission.

Season 1:

Season 1: Episode 8:

10 Lessons in 10 Years

Let's take a look back at how far we've come.

Season 1: Episode 7: Hey (Business) Bestie!

Who's on your team? How solid is your squad? Everyone in your life has a place. Are you potentially trying to place the wrong people in spaces they don't fit? Let's talk about the importance of your nonprofit board and why everyone can't go with you

Season 1:Episode 6: But Where’s the Money? Featuring Deja Coley

So where does the money reside? Deja Coley drops by to share with Dr. Shantell how she got her nonprofit off the ground and has sustained it during tough times, including Covid.

Season 1: Episode 5: Don't Believe the Myths

There's SOOO much misinformation surrounding nonprofits. Dr. Shantell sits down to pop some bubbles and gain you some clarity.

Season 1: Episode 4: Nevertheless, She Endured

Featuring NaQuetta Mitchell

This week, Dr. Shantell speaks with NaQuetta Mitchell, founder of Women of Endurance and Higher Than This. NaQuetta shares her amazing story of overcoming tragedy to carve out spaces for single mothers escaping abuse

Season1: Episode 3: What's Wrong with Black Luxury? Featuring Producer Joi Donaldson

"Wash your wig and rest". The tweet that shook both Dr. Shantell and her producer, Joi Donaldson. Listen in as they discuss the many conversations around Black luxury and specifically how it relates to nonprofit work.

Season 1: Episode 2: Gaslight. Gatekeep. Girl, Stop.

When does "boss moves" and "girlbossing" become being pushed away and blocked from sharing your abilities? In this episode, Dr. Shantell shares on how gatekeeping slows down innovation and community engagement. The old guard does well by stepping aside when new steps and ideas are surfacing. What do you think?

Season 1: Episode 1: Getting Clarity on Your Mission

In this episode, we ask whether you have clarity on your nonprofit and if you don't, how to get it. We also listen in as Dr. Shantell shares her story of leaving corporate America and starting her nonprofit in her garage. If you like what you're hearing, give us five stars on Apple Podcasts and review us wherever you're listening.

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