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Award-winning entrepreneur, business strategist, advocate and nonprofit leader

Are you ready to create massive change in your community?

 I know exactly how you feel.

You have business ideas that will change the face of your community or maybe even the world.

Like you, I believe entrepreneurship should make an impact

Being an entrepreneur is much more than a business card and a logo. My clients will tell you that I push them to dig deep and pursue their purpose. I intentionally work with mission driven entrepreneurs, advocates, and do-gooders who want to impact their communities and world through nonprofit leadership, social entrepreneurship, and philanthropy.

Are You:

Are  You:

 A community advocate who is ready to launch a mission driven organization.

A nonprofit leader who is ready to create new opportunities for your organization and visibility for your personal brand.

A social entrepreneur who wants to create impact in their community giving and philanthropy.

As an award winning nonprofit leader and strategist, I help nonprofit organizations and social entrepreneurs build stronger sustainable brands. My personal mission is to help every leader with a cause become the force behind a movement.

I know first hand how to create systemic change in communities, secure funding, and develop winning programs, so I founded Nonprofitability, a badass boutique consulting firm that builds profitable nonprofits. I even wrote a book on how to start and scale sustainable nonprofit organizations.


Listen… the nonprofit sector contributes more than $1 trillion to the US economy annually and composes 5.5 percent of the country's gross domestic product. In other words nonprofits are a BIG DEAL. Long gone are the days of your little local food pantry. Nonprofits are scaling rapidly and are addressing some of society’s greatest challenges. Ready to get on board? I’m here to help!

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