Is private coaching and mentorship right for you?

One on One coaching with Dr. Shantell can provide clarity for your cause. 

Are you ready to accelerate your influence, expand your impact, and increase your income?

In other words, are you ready to DOMINATE the nonprofit landscape?

As a trained business strategist, nonprofit founder, and leader of an international philanthropic brand I realize that nonprofit and community leaders need a different type of coaching. Branding coaches, marketing coaches, business coaches, coach coaches, etc. are AWESOME. Trust me I couldn’t have built my platform without them.


However, when I looked for help with building a strong brand, executing six figure fundraisers, and developing impactful community programs the pickings were slim. Actually that’s a lie. The pickings didn’t exist! I know that you want to build an organization that lasts. One that makes measurable impact, serves as a platform for your personal and professional mission, AND pays you what you deserve.


It’s time to stop playing small and DOMINATE.

There are two ways to work with Dr. Shantell: 




Ready to make quick impactful changes to your organization? Let’s have a personal conversation to help you identify what's in the way of reaching your goals and create a strategic plan that you can implement in your business right away.



You, me, your goals, and 90 days. Let’s take a deep dive and design a strategy and execution plan to take you from inspired to implemented.

Organizational Resilience/Restructuring